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EZ Green Products specializes in products that make it easier to reduce your waste.

EZ Green™ Pads are reusable mop pads, designed for use with the Swiffer WetJet®.

They are currently sold exclusively through Amazon.com's US Marketplace.

Warranty Statement

Warranties are non-transferable.

Second-hand items, including sales from websites such as eBay and Amazon.com's marketplace, are not covered by our manufacturer's warranty.

EZ Green Products LLC is the sole and exclusive distributor of EZ Green™ Pads. EZ Green Products is firmly committed to providing our customers with quality, reliable products. Our policy is to honor product warranties only on products purchased through Amazon.com and sold by EZ Green Products LLC, when accompanied by a receipt or order number. Purchases made through any other channel will void your warranty.

Please visit our Contact page to submit a warranty claim.